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„Panorama von Euro Banknoten und Münzen“ – (c) Wolfilser (157313102)
„Paragraph“ – (c) Coloures-Pic (62919528)
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„referee on fotball field showing yellow card“ – (c) Syda Productions (141076061)
Studio shot of glad female student has coffee break after lectures, listens audio book in headphones, enjoys record from website, uses mobile phone for chatting online, has rucksack on back.“ – (c) SWayhome Studio (264744343)
„brown gavel and a medical stethoscope“ – (c) Natalia Merzlyakova (55630807)
„Haus-Symbol mit Paragraph“ – (c) (245793853)
„Eintrag im Kalender: Urlaub“ – (c) Gina Sanders (71493218)
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„Mad doctor working in the clinic“ – (c) Elnur (245741751)
I did it. Close up portrait of handsome middle aged surgeon in white lab coat keeping hand near forehead as if wiping sweat from his brow after complicated surgery. Nurse on blurred background“ – (c) Yakobchuk Olena (226314494)
„Terminkalender mit Eintrag Darmspiegelung und Krebsvorsorge“ – (c) Wolfilser (129709861)
„Smiling female doctor give high five to little biracial patient“ – (c) fizkes (297327517)
„Arbeitszeugnis in deutscher Sprache“ – (c) Gina Sanders (33255661)
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„Behandlungsfehler“ – (c) Zerbor (181334445)
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„Beitragsservice“ – (c) Lothar Drechsel (215213096)
„Young nurse and patient“ – (c) (99639686)
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„Unfallwagen“ – (c) Animaflora PicsStock (180727914)
„Happy beautiful woman shake funny piggybank “ – (c) megaflopp (172257917)
„International Certificate of Vaccination“ – (c) Alexander Raths (79790308)
„Beautiful black smiling female doctor hold“ – (c) H_Ko (305241412)
„Lachende junge Frau“ – (c) pictworks (128584257)
„虫眼鏡 観察 眺める 探す 発見 イメージ“ – (c) oka (186352052)
„Befristeter Arbeitsvertrag“ – (c) Lothar Drechsel (219811471)
„Two beautiful medicine doctors working at their office“ – (c) Liudmila Dutko (132015658)
„Female doctor holding a medical textbook“ – (c) thodonal (270351657)
„Aktenschrank“ – (c) Jürgen Fälchle (32703511)
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„Old and young doctors“ – (c) VadimGuzhva (125321187)
„Senior doctor working with young doctor in the hospital. Medical healthcare staff and doctor service“ – (c) Blue Planet Studio (259655723)
„classic slate blackboard“ – (c) tiero (197520368)
„Panorama of a bright reception and waiting room in a clinic with desk, modern chairs and plants. Indoor mockup with screen with copy space“ – (c) elroce (224995456)
„Doctor reading a book over white background“ – (c) luismolinero (74825699)
„多くのチャートとグラフ“ – (c) yoshitaka (290743237)
„Young blond doctor man with beard wearing medical coat pointing fingers to camera with happy and funny face. Good energy and vibes“ – (c) (279414125)
„young doctor man feeling shocked, amazed and surprised, holding glasses with astonished, disbelieving look against copy space wall“ – (c) kues1 (322782013)
„Mad doctor working in the clinic“ – (c) Elnur (247030482)
Zwei erschöpfte und verzweifelte Chirurgen“ – (c) Robert Kneschke (331002674)
„young doctor man thinking“ – (c) kues1 (148602678)
„Close-up Of Doctor Hands With Stethoscope In Handcuffs“ – (c) Fusssergei (172335793)
„Arztpraxis geschlossen“ – (c) ArTo (70376043)
„First aid for electric scooter rider injured in an accident“ – (c) wellphoto (292647651)
„Young doctor woman over isolated background having doubts and with confuse face expression“ – (c) Luismolinero (309586911)
„Stempel mit Wir brauchen Ihre Hilfe“ – (c) Stockwerk-Fotodesign (162607612)
„Mature woman with doctor and son in hospital room“ – (c) Pixel-Shot (356854897)
„junge frau im bewerbungsgespräch“ – (c) contrastwerkstatt (100649547)
„African American doctor man in medical uniform pointing with one finger up, looking up and smiling, I have an idea, I know the answer or the solution.“ – (c) Jihan (330336016)
Medical student with groupmates in university library“ – (c) New Africa (262831185)
„Hand chooses a emoticon icons healthcare medical symbol on wooden block , Healthcare and medical Insurance concept“ – (c) Veerapong (291466650)
„Doctor with Stethoscope Holding Piggy Bank Abstract“ – (c) Andy Dean (36011715)
„Rapport d’analyse“ – (c) PHILETDOM (56348827)
„freundlicher kinderartz in seiner praxis“ – (c) contrastwerkstatt (62533493)
„Young family with two small children indoors in bedroom reading a book.“ – (c) Halfpoint (320582139)
„Gesundheitskarte mit Dokumenten“ – (c) Zerbor (274887418)
„Starfish in doctors breast pocket“ – (c) exclusive-design (229348813)
„Moments of tenderness form a family“ – (c) ( 123236327)
„Man hand put coin on coins stack with wooden house on wood table. saving money for buying house, financial plan home loan concept.“ – (c) Suriyawut (460789228)
„Modern young doctor speaking to patient in office“ – (c) goodluz (236059343)
„Steuern“ – (c) Marco2811 (89944150)